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Anna Marchenko

LMHC, M.A., Ed.M.


Finding a Space to Breathe: Hypnosis and Therapy Sessions in Miami

When you need a safe space to breathe a little more ease into your daily life, consider working with a therapist to help you on your mental health and wellness journey. Do you feel there are blocks on your path toward your goals, either professionally or personally? Are you finding it challenging to communicate with your closest friends and family?

From navigating challenges at work to personal struggles with the ups and downs of life to working through trauma, anxiety, or depression, sometimes finding someone to help pull you out of the mire is what it takes to move forward. You have the power to change, grow, and thrive, no matter what you are going through with mental health counseling services!

Receive a tailor-made treatment plan and therapy counseling designed for your unique needs with Anna Marchenko, LMHC. She draws therapeutic techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, and hypnosis therapy (hypnotherapy), to craft short-term and long-term strategies for her clients in Miami. Take the first step today with our hypnosis and psychotherapy offerings.


Psychotherapy enables you to effectively address past traumas and challenges you’re currently facing. With individual therapy in Miami Beach, you will develop an objective, informed understanding of your mind and what steps you can take to make long-term, sustainable changes in your habits, coping skills, and lifestyle.

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Our closest relationships are also the most complex. Family and couples counseling techniques will help you identify how your behavior affects loved ones. Our counseling sessions in Miami help you build positive communication and conflict resolution skills. Know how to relate and communicate with others effectively.

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Hypnosis therapy can guide you to improve your life towards inspiring positive change. Our unique, integrative approach to psychological services can help you deal with low self-esteem, addictions, compulsive behavior, trauma, and fears. Find help achieving goals with mental health counseling and learn how to override negative ways of thinking.

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Therapy Services We Offer

Our mental health counseling services in Miami include psychotherapy and hypnotherapy for individuals, couples and families, including anyone seeking to get their lives on track.

These therapies will not only improve your mood but also reduce any physical pain associated with these conditions.

We listen to your concerns with empathy and understanding, so that together we can find solutions that work best for you. You don’t have to go through this alone – let us be there for you when it matters most!

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Asking for Help is the First Step

Taking the first step is crucial in the process of overcoming any challenge. No matter what you’re struggling with, we are here to support and guide you.

Call us today at (305) 790-3949 to get started.

Why Psychotherapy & Hypnosis Therapy?

Miami Hypnosis and Therapy started with a vested interest in helping individuals, families, and organizations benefit from the growing body of research on hypnosis and therapy in Miami.

Psychotherapy modalities like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) help people accomplish their goals more effectively. In the same way, the power of hypnosis radiates in supporting change in one's self-beliefs and habits, which can then be used for empowering purposes.

Anna Marchenko, LMHC, M.A., Ed.M. is our principal practitioner. Her specialties integrate hypnotherapy and psychotherapy modalities, specifically cognitive behavioral therapy and neuro-linguistic programming, two disciplines that complement hypnotherapy in drastically reducing treatment timelines.

Anna founded Miami Hypnosis and Therapy after attending graduate school at Columbia University, NY and working in the mental health field in both New York City and Miami. She is driven by the philosophy that she could empower people to change and improve their lives through therapy in Miami Beach, FL.

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Client Testimonials

Looking for therapy that's right for you in Miami? Read what our clients have experienced.

Anna Marchenko has been so special to our family, it is difficult to just find words to describe what she and her therapy has done for our family. Her patient personality combined with her knowledge and most importantly heart has supported us during a very difficult time. We will forever be greatful to have found her. Her sessions were something we looked forward to on a weekly basis and gave us peace and solutions to building a healthy future as a family.

Katarzyna Cvetkovic

Anna Marchenko was there for me when I needed her the most. Her sessions were very insightful, and gave me the clarity I needed when faced with a difficult life situation. Through our sessions I was able to build my emotional resilience and found my inner strength. Highly recommend, best in Miami!

Arezoo Risman

This hypnosis center in Miami is the leading company in their field. I came to 10 sessions and felt an immediate change in the way I felt and emotional stability. I recommend them to everyone I know and cannot think more highly of their professional facility and staff. Thank you!

Merrick Levy

Anna's integrative approach offers a unique style that can help clients tap into ideas they never may have thought of before. Her calm energy makes it easy to open up comfortably without pressure. Highly recommend!!

Alexandra Alfaro



The blogs on this page are dedicated to anyone who wants to be inspired, informed or educated about how to live a more empowered life.


Whether it's smoking cessation, weight loss or stress management – we have the tools to empower you and inspire you to get back on track for success.


With our counseling services, you can find relief from anxiety, depression or any other issue that is holding you back from living the life that you want. If there are things in your past that are preventing happiness now - let us help guide you through those challenges so they no longer hold power over your future. Our goal is to provide each client with an experience that will lead them down their path towards happiness and fulfillment.


Along with our psychotherapy services, we have actionable tips on everything from self-hypnosis to meditation exercises that will help you achieve your goals faster.


Contact us for an appointment in Miami Beach and take the first step!

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