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Welcome to Miami Hypnosis & Therapy

We all face psychological barriers that can seem like huge obstacles to overcome. Our unique approach to therapy will help you find the balance and clarity you’re seeking. We can help you find balance and see your life in a brighter light.

Over the years, Miami Hypnosis & Therapy has helped countless people, from professionals to students to athletes.


Who We Are

The founder of Miami Hypnosis & Therapy, Anna Marchenko, graduated from Columbia University and began to work in the mental health field. This experience led Anna to open her own practice to aid others on the journey toward self-actualization.

The foundation of our therapy is made up of an unparalleled combination of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and hypnotherapy.


What We Do

From self-esteem issues to smoking cessation, Miami Hypnosis & Therapy provides a range of treatments to help you overcome real-world challenges.

Individual Therapy

Here the focus is on self-empowerment through examination of core beliefs, daily habits, and behavioral patterns.

Family/Couples Therapy

In a judgment-free and compassionate zone, we offer a safe space to connect and communicate with your loved ones. We encourage communication and help shed light on fissures in life’s relationships that may cause turmoil, finding a healing path that works for everyone.      

Organizational Psychology

Born out of the increasing need for work/life balance, this treatment gives employers a framework for promoting mental wellness for their employees. We offer consultations for businesses seeking to help their employees thrive.   


Why You Can Trust Us

Miami Hypnosis & Therapy is fully licensed and accredited and our expert staff will ensure you are provided effective and treatment tailored to your needs.

Founder and principal practitioner, Anna Marchenko, is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), a certified clinical hypnotherapist recognized by the Florida Department of Education, and an active member of the American Counselling Association (ACA).


Take Hold of Your Future

If you’re ready to enhance your mental well-being and your life, book an appointment today.

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