Living with ADHD can be challenging, especially in a culture that values quiet concentration. Hypnotherapy for ADHD can help improve focus and self-control so that you can get things done and maximize your potential.

What is ADHD?

ADHD is short for “attention deficit hyperactivity disorder” and is a condition that currently affects around 5% of American children and 4% of American adults (according to the American Psychiatric Association).

People living with ADHD often deal with increased impulsivity, struggle to focus, and may have more reactive emotions to certain triggers. Difficulties with concentration and self-control can lead to ongoing issues with learning, job maintenance, and having successful relationships.

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How Can Hypnotherapy for ADHD Help?

If you live with ADHD, hypnosis for ADHD can empower you by helping you to realize that you can be in control of your actions. In the session, a trained therapist will place you into a state of deep relaxation and focus to make you more receptive to positive ideas and strategies. They will then make suggestions that can train your subconscious to be able to relax at will, concentrate better, and even get to sleep more easily at night.

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Experience the Benefits of Hypnotherapy for ADHD at Miami Hypnosis and Therapy

If you are ready to experience greater control in your life, then hypnotherapy for ADHD is a step in the right direction. Our main practitioner, Anna Marchenko (LMHC, Ed.M, M.A.), is highly qualified and experienced in education, counseling, psychotherapy, and hypnosis. In addition to completing a dual master’s program at Columbia University, Anna has studied with world-class teachers including Judith Miller. In her hypnotherapy sessions, she draws from psychological techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy to help her clients reframe their negative thought patterns and habits into more productive, positive ways of living.

Discover what Anna can do for you by booking an appointment for ADHD hypnotherapy in Miami with us today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Hypnotherapy & ADHD

What Is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy, or hypnosis, can be a new concept for many, and we want to make sure that you have all the information you need to make the best choice for your mental health needs! Put simply, hypnotherapy for ADHD creates a trance-like state that helps you feel more calm and relaxed which can, in turn, make you more open to suggestions. It is in this state that we can leverage suggestibility to help you work through and overcome behaviors and feelings that are impacting your quality of life.

Is hypnotherapy for ADHD effective?

There are many misconceptions surrounding hypnotherapy that leave some feeling skeptical about the efficacy of this treatment approach, especially if the first thing your mind conjures are scenes of mind control or inefficient hypnosis sessions that you’ve seen in various forms of media. Fortunately, you can rest assured that hypnotherapy does have scientific support to back its application for disorders like ADHD (and it’s much different than it is in the movies). In fact, hypnotherapy has been shown to support pain relief, anxiety, and even sleeping disorders. If you’re looking for ADHD hypnosis in Miami, Miami Hypnosis and Therapy is here to help you see how hypnotherapy can support you.

How does hypnosis for ADHD work?

Hypnotherapy for ADHD can be broken down into three main steps: hypnotic induction, where the therapist gives the first suggestion and triggers seemingly involuntary responses, the hypnotic state, where you feel relaxed, calm, and more aware, and hypnotic suggestion, where we leverage suggestibility to help you work towards your desired goal. Hypnosis can affect different areas of the brain to impact behavior and feelings, and we may also use hypnosis in conjunction with other treatment methods like cognitive-behavioral therapy and neuro-linguistic programming to provide you with the best possible results as you seek to reduce the symptoms of your ADHD!

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    Client Testimonials

    Looking for therapy that's right for you in Miami? Read what our clients have experienced.

    Anna Marchenko has been so special to our family, it is difficult to just find words to describe what she and her therapy has done for our family. Her patient personality combined with her knowledge and most importantly heart has supported us during a very difficult time. We will forever be greatful to have found her. Her sessions were something we looked forward to on a weekly basis and gave us peace and solutions to building a healthy future as a family.

    Katarzyna Cvetkovic

    Anna Marchenko was there for me when I needed her the most. Her sessions were very insightful, and gave me the clarity I needed when faced with a difficult life situation. Through our sessions I was able to build my emotional resilience and found my inner strength. Highly recommend, best in Miami!

    Arezoo Risman

    This hypnosis center in Miami is the leading company in their field. I came to 10 sessions and felt an immediate change in the way I felt and emotional stability. I recommend them to everyone I know and cannot think more highly of their professional facility and staff. Thank you!

    Merrick Levy

    Anna's integrative approach offers a unique style that can help clients tap into ideas they never may have thought of before. Her calm energy makes it easy to open up comfortably without pressure. Highly recommend!!

    Alexandra Alfaro