Borderline personality disorder (BPD) involves ongoing pattern of fluctuating moods, self-image, and behavioral issues. BPD affects how a person thinks and feels about themselves and others. These thoughts can alter rapidly, creating extreme fluctuations in both thoughts and behavior.

At Miami Hypnosis and Therapy, we take an integrative approach in helping our clients diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

Altering mood changes can create severe and unstable relationships with others, including friends, family, and coworkers.

These sometimes fierce and highly changeable moods can last a few hours or even a few days.These are just a few of the many symptoms that can occur, which can be triggered by ordinary daily events.

Signs and Symptoms of BPD

  • Extreme, roller-coaster like mood swings
  • Tendencies to view things in the “extreme”: situations perceived as being all good, or all bad, with very little room for the inbetween
  • Perspectives of other people and things can change rapidly
  • Inappropriate or intense feelings of anger that can lead to rage

Forms of BPD Therapy

Although BPD is difficult to treat, there are forms of therapies that can help manage it, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

Learn about the benefits of NLP and CBT for borderline personality disorder below, in addition to key differences. If you or a loved one need help understanding what options are best for you, get in touch with us today.

Benefits of CBT for BPD

  • CBT helps by identifying and changing core beliefs and behaviors that form the basis for how those with BPD think about themselves and others.
  • CBT can also help in reducing the ranges of mood swings.
  • CBT helps to make sense of the problems experienced in the present moment.

Benefits of NLP for BPD

  • NLP helps shift the underlying patterns that create destructive thoughts that lead to negative behavior.
  • NLP helps regulate emotions, control impulses, and improve relationships with others and one’s self.
  • NLP helps change the underlying patterns, so the problems do not reappear.

Differences Between Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Borderline Personality Disorder

Both CBT and NLP believe our thoughts influence our emotions and behaviors. Thankfully, utilizing both of these forms of therapy can be the life raft needed to help borderline personality disorder.

CBT makes changes at the conscious level.

  • Addresses problems in their current moment.
  • Helps to recognize triggers and behaviors that can be consciously addressed.
  • Replaces negative automatic thought patterns (NATs) with emotionally healthy ones.

NLP makes changes at the unconscious level.

  • Shifts thought processes automatically where you no longer have to think about them consciously
  • Focuses on the way we filter information received and how we behave based on our interpretation
  • Uncovers how language and perception shape our reaction to external stimuli.

At Miami Hypnosis and Therapy, we offer unique resources to help borderline personality disorder in Florida that will suit your individual needs. Anna Marchenko (LMHC. Ed.M), will help you with a tailor-made treatment plan using BPD therapy as well as assisting with any other underlying issues.

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