Your employees’ mental well-being plays a pivotal role in their productivity and performance. At Miami Hypnosis and Therapy, we provide local employers in Miami with the tools they need to cultivate a healthy work culture through the guidance of a fully licensed and accredited occupational hypnotherapist specializing in organizational psychology.

Transform Your Workplace with an Organizational Counselor

Is your team stressed? Do you get the sense that productivity in your organization is on a downward trend, based on interdepartmental conflict? Having a workplace therapist conduct a thorough examination of your workplace and assess the mental health of your employees can provide solutions that promote long-term wellbeing.

Our program is based on an innovative approach to integrative therapy, using cognitive behavioral therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, and hypnotherapy applied by a licensed occupational hypnotherapist.

Our focus includes:

  • Employee mental health evaluations
  • Therapeutic support
  • Cross-cultural team building
  • Mental health and stress management workshops
  • In-house psychologist & occupational hypnotherapist support

Plan For Excellence With Our Group Therapy Session

Organizational psychology sessions run by workplace therapists can equip Miami employers and managers with the blueprints they need to create positive and constructive mental health support systems.

Our dynamic, tailor-made sessions cater to your organizations’ individual needs, such as:

Support Your #1 Asset as a Business Owner: Your Staff

Organizations are as strong as their people are. Invest in the long-term well-being and productivity of your employees with an occupational hypnotherapist from Miami Hypnosis and Therapy. Discover the benefits of organizational psychology and customized therapy sessions for your staff.

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Fully Licensed and Effective Treatment

Anna Marchenko, LMHC, M.A., Ed.M. is our primary practitioner and lead organizational counselor. She has a comprehensive background in the fields of hypnotherapy and mental health.

Anna holds two master’s degrees from Columbia University and has worked with the International Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy & the American Counseling Association.

Anna received her occupational hypnotherapist certification from the only program in Florida recognized by the Department of Education.

Frequently Asked Questions About Organizational Psychology & Workplace Counseling

  • What areas of my workplace does organizational psychology target?

Organizational psychology is designed to improve the workplace dynamic and the mental health and wellness of employees. This means that the approach an organizational counselor takes will be equally dynamic in order to help your company and its employees flourish. Some of the areas of your business or departments that an occupational hypnotherapist might work with include human resources, sales and marketing, and beyond, creating a happier, more cohesive unit in the process!

  • How does organizational psychology support my company and my employees?

At the most basic level, workplace therapists support your company by focusing on increasing employee mental health and physical wellbeing, which impacts their work satisfaction and, as a result, their productivity. However, they don’t just provide mental health services. Occupational hypnotherapists will also offer support in the form of evaluating current business practices and measuring their impact on employee wellness, engaging in team-building exercises to help employees form healthy professional relationships with coworkers, and addressing incentives and punishments that currently exist in the workplace. No matter where your business may be, organizational psychology can help you bring your vision of a happier, healthier workplace culture and environment to life.

  • Will an occupational hypnotherapist provide real results?

Is occupational hypnotherapy effective? It is! Hypnosis therapy can be applied to help your employees achieve better work-life balance, improve their mental performance, and address some of the fears, feelings, or behaviors that are preventing them from reaching the quality of life they deserve. Your first step towards a better workplace begins here!

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    Client Testimonials

    Looking for therapy that's right for you in Miami? Read what our clients have experienced.

    Anna Marchenko has been so special to our family, it is difficult to just find words to describe what she and her therapy has done for our family. Her patient personality combined with her knowledge and most importantly heart has supported us during a very difficult time. We will forever be greatful to have found her. Her sessions were something we looked forward to on a weekly basis and gave us peace and solutions to building a healthy future as a family.

    Katarzyna Cvetkovic

    Anna Marchenko was there for me when I needed her the most. Her sessions were very insightful, and gave me the clarity I needed when faced with a difficult life situation. Through our sessions I was able to build my emotional resilience and found my inner strength. Highly recommend, best in Miami!

    Arezoo Risman

    This hypnosis center in Miami is the leading company in their field. I came to 10 sessions and felt an immediate change in the way I felt and emotional stability. I recommend them to everyone I know and cannot think more highly of their professional facility and staff. Thank you!

    Merrick Levy

    Anna's integrative approach offers a unique style that can help clients tap into ideas they never may have thought of before. Her calm energy makes it easy to open up comfortably without pressure. Highly recommend!!

    Alexandra Alfaro