Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Are you struggling with frequent intrusive thoughts or compulsions to engage in ritualistic behaviors? Both are signs of OCD or obsessive-compulsive disorder, a mental illness that is estimated to affect nearly 2.3% of the world’s population.

At Miami Hypnosis and Therapy, our innovative approach to hypnotherapy for OCD allows us to liberate our clients from the obsessive behaviors that may be diminishing their overall enjoyment of life.


What is Hypnosis for Obsessive Thoughts?

Hypnotherapy is an alternative approach to therapy that centers around accessing the subconscious mind through hypnosis.

While in a state of hypnosis, the human mind is highly suggestible. By guiding our patients into a deep state of hypnosis, we’re able to make a stronger impression on the subconscious mind and address problematic behaviors with greater efficacy.


Why Does Hypnotherapy for OCD Work?

Patients with OCD often struggle to ignore intrusive thoughts and an impending sense of doom. They might feel that the only relief of their anxiety stems from participating in ritualistic behaviors, which can make them resistant to treatment.

However, our novel approach to hypnotherapy relaxes and reassures our clients, allowing us to examine the root cause of their obsessive behavior in a constructive and therapeutic environment.


Free Your Mind & Transform Your Life

Miami Hypnosis and Therapy is the only hypnotherapy center in Miami that utilizes a blended application of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and hypnotherapy for OCD.

In addition, our team—including our founder and principal practitioner, Anna Marchenko LMHC, M.A., Ed.M.—is highly qualified and knowledgable within the fields of hypnosis and mental health.

There’s no need to suffer in silence. Take the first step towards transforming your life and book your first appointment with us today!

Take the first step

Taking the first step is crucial to facing any challenge head-on and overcoming any obstacle. No matter what you’re struggling with, Miami Hypnosis and Therapy is here to support and guide you.

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