Hypnosis for Bipolar Disorder

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If you or someone you love lives with bipolar disorder, you will be familiar with the manic highs and extreme lows that people with bipolar experience on a regular basis. This roller-coaster ride can be confusing, frustrating, and even dangerous at times, but with hypnotherapy for bipolar disorder, in conjunction with traditional treatment, things can definitely improve.


Tame Your Mind with Hypnosis for Bipolar

Bipolar is characterized by two main phases through which a person cycles unpredictably. They can be thought of as the peak and trough of a wave cycle:

  • The Manic Phase: During the “peak” phase, the person feels wildly optimistic and can come up with overly ambitious plans. They can spend large amounts of money on things they wouldn’t buy normally and be too “high” to eat, sleep, or be patient with others.


  • The Depressed Phase: This is the “trough” of the wave cycle, in which the person can feel depressed, worthless, and even suicidal.


Hypnotherapy for bipolar disorder takes a perceptual approach, working from the perspective and “reality” of the client rather than that of the professional. The goal with hypnosis is to reduce the client’s stress levels and help them to focus on the positive aspects.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) are used to help the client “tame” or manage their thoughts better during the highs and lows so that the mood cycle can be brought within more functional limits.


Act Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

With the help of Anna Marchenko, our primary practitioner, people living with bipolar can find hope and help. Anna is highly educated with master’s degrees in Arts and Education and certifications as a licensed counselor and hypnotist. She combines the best of cutting-edge research in psychology with her extensive hypnosis experience to create an effective hypnotherapy program for bipolar disorder.

Contact us to book your first appointment today, and take the first step in the direction toward balance.

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