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Most of us can agree that growing up is challenging. The unique issues teenagers face today on top of the typical growing up stuff has created an environment that makes puberty even more difficult to navigate.

As a parent or guardian, we know that your top priority is to protect and promote the wellbeing of your child. Since adolescence requires a specialized approach to mental health, working with a therapist is a great first step. Our therapist, Anna Marchenko, LMHC, M.A., and Ed.M., will guide you in the right direction, to determine what modes of therapy for your teenager are most applicable.

Our Innovative Approach

Adolescents have unique needs. While there are numerous types of therapy for young people, behavioral therapy for teens is at the forefront. Cognitive behavioral therapy for teens is often the place to start because it can be highly effective for young people who experience depression, anxiety, stress, sleep issues, trauma, familial challenges, and other disruptive symptoms and diagnoses. 

At Miami Hypnosis and Therapy, we utilize a blended therapeutic method that combines the benefits of CBT, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and hypnotherapy for an effective treatment program. Our goal in therapy for teenagers is to discover problematic thought processes and behaviors that are limiting your child’s potential. We can then replace those maladaptive coping skills with ones that serve the mental health of your teen.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Teenagers in Miami

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At Miami Hypnosis and Therapy, clients receive personalized counseling and psychotherapy sessions. Anna Marchenko, LMHC, M.A., and Ed.M., is well versed in behavioral therapy for teens, catering a plan to each individual client.

If your teenager is going through a rough transition during adolescence, reach out to Miami Hypnosis and Therapy today to schedule a consultation. In most cases, cognitive behavioral therapy for teens is appropriate, and will be a great way to start your child’s journey to healing. Contact us now to find out what therapy for teenagers is right for you and your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Beginning and practicing CBT therapy for teenagers has proven effective in reducing stress, coping with challenges in day-to-day life, maintaining healthy relationships, dealing with grief, and in many other challenges that are unique to young people.

We are prepared to help your child navigate their emotions with any mental illness or symptoms, plus gender and identity matters, parental separation and divorce, neurodiversity challenges, and any other current difficulty. We can design a treatment program to support you and your family.

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    Client Testimonials

    Looking for therapy that's right for you in Miami? Read what our clients have experienced.

    Anna Marchenko has been so special to our family, it is difficult to just find words to describe what she and her therapy has done for our family. Her patient personality combined with her knowledge and most importantly heart has supported us during a very difficult time. We will forever be greatful to have found her. Her sessions were something we looked forward to on a weekly basis and gave us peace and solutions to building a healthy future as a family.

    Katarzyna Cvetkovic

    Anna Marchenko was there for me when I needed her the most. Her sessions were very insightful, and gave me the clarity I needed when faced with a difficult life situation. Through our sessions I was able to build my emotional resilience and found my inner strength. Highly recommend, best in Miami!

    Arezoo Risman

    This hypnosis center in Miami is the leading company in their field. I came to 10 sessions and felt an immediate change in the way I felt and emotional stability. I recommend them to everyone I know and cannot think more highly of their professional facility and staff. Thank you!

    Merrick Levy

    Anna's integrative approach offers a unique style that can help clients tap into ideas they never may have thought of before. Her calm energy makes it easy to open up comfortably without pressure. Highly recommend!!

    Alexandra Alfaro