Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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Looking to increase your creativity and problem-solving skills? Neuro-linguistic programming focuses on strengthening the connection between your conscious and unconscious mind, allowing you to develop new skills and overcome undesirable patterns of behavior.

Through integrated NLP therapy, hypnotherapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy, you can empower your mind and enrich your life. Promote healthy behaviors starting today with our neuro-linguistic programming therapy sessions in Miami.

Changing Learned Behaviors

Neuro-linguistic programming is a form of psychotherapy that was developed within the United States by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970s. NLP focuses on:

  • Understanding that the actions of our minds are by-products of learned behavior
  • Enabling patients to develop new patterns of thought and shed unwanted ones

Through NLP hypnotherapy, new behaviors can be learned or “imprinted”. In addition to personal development, NLP therapy techniques are often utilized by companies in managerial and leadership training.

Comparing Therapeutic Techniques

NLP is one facet of our multi-pronged approach to treatment at Miami Hypnosis and Therapy. We specialize in a blended application of NLP, cognitive behavioral therapy, and hypnotherapy that’s unique to the Miami area. Together, our comprehensive treatment works to support clients who require services like therapy for depression, couples therapy, and gender transition support therapy.

CBT can:

  • Reduce the impulse to act on destructive thoughts
  • Help control negative thoughts
NLP can:

  • Create productive thought processes
  • Manage unwanted behaviors
  • Help control negative thoughts and emotions in times of stress
Hypnotherapy can:

  • Creative positive learned behaviors
  • Uncover the source of our destructive thoughts, emotions, and impulses

For neuro-linguistic programming sessions in Miami, there’s only one place to go: Miami Hypnosis and Therapy.

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Anna Marchenko, our principal practitioner of NLP therapy, is a fully licensed and accredited hypnotherapist and mental health therapist with extensive experience in specialized therapeutic approaches like NLP hypnotherapy. Her qualifications and education include:

  • Certified hypnotist recognition by the Department of Education
  • Master of Arts & Master of Education degrees from Columbia University
  • Licensed Medical Health Counselor certification (LMHC)
  • Post-graduate work for the International Institute of Interpersonal Therapy & active member

Interested in learning what NLP therapy can do for you? Take the first step in empowering your mind by booking your appointment today.

Take the first step

Taking the first step is crucial to facing any challenge head-on and overcoming any obstacle. No matter what you’re struggling with, Miami Hypnosis and Therapy is here to support and guide you.

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