Counseling in Hallandale Beach

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Miami Hypnosis and Therapy is proud to serve our greater Miami area, including the neighborhood of Hallandale Beach.

Is there a habit, preoccupation, or challenge that’s preventing you from living your best life?

At Miami Hypnosis and Therapy, we help our clients explore their psychological concerns and develop strategies that allow them to lead happier and healthier lives.

Our fully licensed and accredited Miami counseling practice features a novel approach to therapy that’s wholly unique to the Miami area.

Transformative Therapy

Anna Marchenko founded Miami Hypnosis and Therapy to create a safe space for clients to discover their inner selves and inspire transformation in their lives.

Following her graduation from Columbia University and her work in the mental health field as licensed mental health counselor, Anna was compelled to help people empower themselves and enrich their lives through therapy.

Anna’s method emphasizes each individual’s capacity for change by targeting the unconscious and subconscious beliefs that can drastically alter the way we see ourselves. In sessions with Anna, you can expect a tailor-made environment for you to work through any concerns, talk about your daily life, and enjoy a safe space to pave your own path toward peace of mind.

Specialized Treatment

At Miami Hypnosis And Therapy, we offer a diverse range of treatments that are suitable for a variety of clients. Since opening our doors, our Miami counselors have helped students, athletes, artists, and various other clients from all walks of life overcome their unique struggles and achieve their goals.

Individual therapy focuses on self-growth and improvement through the examination of self-limiting beliefs and behaviors.

Family and couples therapy helps strengthen and repair the bonds between loved ones.

Organizational psychology helps employers and executives create healthy, productive working environments that promote mental wellbeing.

Fully Licensed and Accredited

We offer our fully qualified, licensed practices to clients within Miami and the greater Miami area. Our primary practitioner, Anna Marchenko, has received the following accolades and certifications:

  • Certified clinical hypnotherapist recognized by the Florida Department of Education
  • Current member of the American Counseling Association
  • Dual masters degrees from Columbia University
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)

Change Your Mind and Transform Your Life Today

Are you looking to overcome your particular challenges and lead a better life? Let our Miami counselors help guide you on the way. Take the first step and book your appointment with a highly-trained psychologist in Miami, Florida today!

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