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Does Hypnosis Have Proven Scientific Benefits?

Does Hypnosis Have Proven Scientific Benefits?

Hypnosis has often been portrayed in pop culture as a sometimes novel and even outlandish way to have people perform tasks without their conscious knowledge. Almost everyone is familiar with the “you’re becoming relaxed and sleepy” trope, but there’s much more to hypnotherapy than mere gimmicks. With professional hypnosis, it’s possible to gain measurable benefits in several areas of mental and physical wellbeing, and there is even recognized scientific evidence that makes it a popular treatment for a number of conditions.

If you are concerned about your health and are looking for effective treatments that don’t include medication, then hypnosis could be a viable alternative that is worth consideration.

Hypnosis Can Be Used as an Effective Pain Treatment

Hypnosis therapy in MiamiSufferers of ongoing pain can find relief through professional hypnosis in Miami. Some of the most extensive hypnosis efficacy research exists in the study of pain management.

When used to treat pain, hypnosis is referred to in the medical community as hypnoanalgesia. A study in 2000 published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health found that data from 18 individual studies lent strong evidence to hypnotic techniques having a positive impact on pain reduction and long-term pain management.

In 2007, another study published by the National Cancer Institute found that post-surgical pain, nausea, and discomfort were less severe in patients that had undergone hypnosis prior to having their procedures performed.

Results in different studies range from moderate to significant. One of the most worrying aspects of the research was the fact that only a relatively small number of psychologists and general practitioners recommend hypnosis as a treatment option. With education and continued scientific research, this is beginning to change.

For anyone willing to seek out an additional treatment for pain related to conditions like arthritis, cancer, or fibromyalgia, hypnosis can be an ideal solution.

Anxiety Sufferers Have Found Benefits in Hypnosis Therapy

Hypnosis can have a strong effect on cognitive function and is often used to help control mental health conditions. Studies have noted that one of the key benefits of hypnosis is that it can influence a relaxed state of mind with less anxiety. It is hypothesized that this is a key reason why hypnotherapy patients suffer from less pain and general discomfort following surgery.

For patients outside of the surgical environment, the benefits of hypnosis can be used to reduce the impact of general anxiety disorder. In extreme cases, anxiety can be debilitating for sufferers. Because hypnotherapy can reduce fear, it can be particularly effective for patients who suffer anxiety relating to traumatic events.

Sufferers of Sleeping Disorders Can Find a Solution with Hypnosis Therapy in Miami

A more relaxed state of mind calmed nerves, and reduced anxiety can lead to better sleep. For sufferers of sleeping disorders that aren’t caused by physical conditions, hypnotherapy can be used to improve deep sleep.

Slow wave sleep, a stage of sleep that comes after early rapid eye movement sleep, can be deeper and more prolonged when utilizing hypnotherapy. Researchers in Switzerland discovered through brain activity monitoring that patients were more likely to have a deep and beneficial sleep, with longer periods of slow wave sleep, after listening to hypnotherapy recordings. The time spent in slow wave sleep can be increased by up to 80% when compared to a control experiment where patients listened to non-hypnotic audio recordings.

This study was significant because it gave evidence for what many hypnotherapists and their patients have known for a long time: Hypnotherapy can alleviate sleep disorders while allowing for higher quality restful sleep, without the need for pharmaceuticals.

When considering that pharmaceuticals are often expensive and can come with unwanted side effects, the benefits of hypnosis become much more appealing.

You Could Benefit from Hypnosis Performed by Professional Therapists in Miami

If you’re suffering from a medical condition related to physical or mental health, then Hypnosis benefits could be the solution that reduces your reliance on medication or other treatments that provide limited results. While hypnosis is neither a cure-all or the perfect treatment in every scenario, there is plenty of strong scientific evidence that makes hypnosis the ideal treatment in many cases.

Hypnosis does not induce side effects and there has been no study performed where hypnosis caused conditions to worsen in patients. Safe and effective, there are scientifically backed reasons why hypnosis is becoming more popular around the world with each passing year.

It’s clear that hypnosis can provide measurable benefits. If you are suffering from any of the conditions mentioned here, or if you want to learn how hypnosis could be used to treat or alleviate illness, then it’s time to book your consultation with Miami Hypnosis and Therapy.


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