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Unhappy Relationship Signs: 5 Reasons Why Relationships Break Down

Relationships can break down over time, but there is hope! Knowing what signs to look for allows you to be prepared and rectify situations before the complete dissolution occurs.

  1. Communication Breakdown. When communication starts breaking down, and what you say (or don’t say) to your partner is being misinterpreted, this is one of the red flags that there are deeper issues in the relationship. Two examples of this kind of communication disconnection include:

    • Misinterpreting Messages – Without a clear understanding of what is being said, misinterpreting can occur which will ultimately lead to arguments.

    • Refusing to Listen or Assuming – This usually happens when the person listening does not like what they are hearing and decides to tune their partner out or make assumptions as to what is being said.

    A breakdown of communication is a critical sign of an unhappy relationship and can be indicative of unresolved issues and suppressed emotions from childhood that manifest themselves through actions and behaviors toward their spouse or partner.

  2. Breakdown of Intimacy. Intimacy is not just physical, it is also emotional, and when one or both partners feel a lack of either, this can potentially cause conflict sooner than later.

    • Physical Intimacy – The physical aspect of intimacy is the driving force in a relationship and does not necessarily require emotional intimacy, but without it, it can feel like a betrayal.

    • Emotional Intimacy – The emotional component grows and deepens between two people in a relationship, and a healthy love relationship cannot exist without emotional intimacy.

    A healthy relationship requires both physical and emotional intimacy, which both contribute to creating a harmonious, balanced connection. Not having a balanced connection in this way is a big factor in contributing to the breakdown of a relationship or marriage.

  3. Breakdown of Trust. Another critical sign of an unhappy relationship is when a relationship loses the foundation on which all relationships are built: trust. It is because of trust in our relationships that we feel safe in them, comforted, and bonded. A breakdown of trust can occur due to many factors including:

    • Infidelity
      1. Physical/Sexual
      2. Emotional
    • Jealousy
    • Lack of Reliability or Dependability
    • Lack of Mutually Supportive Goals
    • Lack of Financial Compatibility

    Trust issues need to be addressed; if not, they will manifest and keep resurfacing causing the relationship or marriage to be at risk.

  4. Breakdown of Finances. When money issues develop it can trigger some of our deepest psychological needs and fears including:

    • Security
    • Power
    • Control
    • Survival
    • Trust

    The longer a couple has been in a relationship, the higher the chances are of having financial issues arise which is yet another pivotal sign of an unhappy relationship.

  5. Breakdown Due to Growing Apart. Relationships go through ups and downs with time and growing apart can happen due to many reasons such as:

    • Change in Life Obligations: Work, school, having children, empty nest syndrome
    • Lack of Commitment
    • Lack of Compatibility
    • Different Expectations: Expectations are resentments in disguise, after all!

Early Warning Signs

  • Not having sex as often or it isn’t what it used to be
  • Not participating in activities together as much as before
  • Having recurring arguments over the same issues without any resolution
  • One partner spends more time on activities or interests that are outside the relationship.
  • One or both feel dissatisfied and unhappy

When a relationship grows apart, solidifying it back together can be a challenge, especially if it has been brewing for a while. Thankfully, there is hope for this and all the other signs of an unhappy relationship at Miami Hypnosis & Therapy where relationship difficulties can be resolved in a safe and supportive environment. We can also help you and your partner identify potential issues individually that may be contributing to upsets in your shared, daily life.

Anna Marchenko, LMHC, M.A., Ed.M. is the principal practitioner who completed her undergraduate degree at NYU as well as holding dual Masters degrees from Columbia University. Anna is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist who also did Post-graduate work at the International Institute for Interpersonal Hypnotherapy.

Knowing when to consider relationship counseling starts with the desire to take that first step in rekindling your relationship by deepening emotional bonds, addressing recurring negative patterns of behavior, and revitalizing the passion you once had. Take the first step today, together, and make an appointment for that positive relationship transformation you seek.

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How to Strengthen Your Relationship With Mindful Co-Living

Cohabitating can be a delightful arrangement but if we are not mindful we can end up creating a not so compatible situation. Arguments can arise due to daily stressors that we bring home with us, but there are ways to work around them.

Mindfulness starts with being present in this moment, not thinking about the past or worrying about the future and paying attention without judgment. Being mindful has health benefits and can help make us healthier, happier and less stressed which will bring a calmer atmosphere to your living situation.

How to Strengthen Your Relationship at Home Mindfully

  1. Communicate Mindfully. When sharing thoughts the communication process should be mindful which means the communication should show sensitivity as well as being open to multiple points of view and be more open-minded to new viewpoints on various issues.

  2. Listen Mindfully. When our partners feel as though we are not paying attention to what they are saying, it can create resentments that lead to arguments. Mindful listening is a key skill to learn when considering how to live together. If you find your mind wandering which can happen quickly, here are a few tips to get back on the listening track, see if you can notice your wandering thoughts and try to refocus on the words your partner is saying.

  3. Take a Breath. We need to take care of ourselves before confronting issues with our partner. In this way, how you strengthen your relationship can start as simply as watching how your breath shortens right before a potential argument.

    Everyone argues at some point in time, and instead of escalating the argument, sometimes if you stop and take a breath you can help calm down and clear your mind. Take a deep breath in through your nose and hold the breath for five seconds. Slowly release the breath out of your mouth. Consider other tools on mitigating anxiety, as well.

  4. Seek Couples Counseling. One of the best places to spend quality time together to help strengthen your relationship is couples counseling where both partners learn bonding techniques to help with better communication, learn how to resolve conflicts and challenges productively as well as resolving unwanted patterns of behavior.
  5. Change Negative Habits and Patterns. Cognitive behavioral therapy and neuro-linguistic programming can help both partners work through what the mind may be blocking so that both partners can have the clear pathway needed to start feeling better together.

When people ask how to strengthen their relationship, creating a space where both people can thrive in should include being able to be productive, creative and relax with your partner in that space. Many relationship building activities utilize mindfulness which can help strengthen and unite one another, and the following is just one example.

  • Five Senses Exercise. Take your partner on a walk and explore nature together. While you are walking together, you will both utilize your five senses along the way.

    • See – Pick five things you see and challenge yourselves by picking out objects you wouldn’t usually pick such as a shadow or even a rock.

    • Feel – Pick four things you can touch and feel. Explore the texture and rigidity of the object.

    • Hear – Pick three things you can hear which could include birds chirping and leaves rustling.

    • Smell – Pick two things you can smell. Aromas of fresh cut grass or food cooking would be examples.

    • Taste – Pick one thing you can taste. Depending on where you are walking, it could include the air itself or a sip of water.

This exercise will bring you to a mindful state together and will also utilize communication and listening to help you further understand how to strengthen your relationship.

Learning how to live together can be a relationship strengthening process in and of itself, and at Miami Hypnosis & Therapy, Anna Marchenko (LMHC, M.A., Ed.M.) works with you to create tailor-made sessions to address all of your concerns.

In addition to Anna’s exceptional knowledge, her hypnosis certification is from the only program in Florida certified by the Department of Education, so take that first step and learn how to strengthen your relationship at home and discover transformation today!

Does Hypnosis Have Proven Scientific Benefits?

Does Hypnosis Have Proven Scientific Benefits?

Hypnosis has often been portrayed in pop culture as a sometimes novel and even outlandish way to have people perform tasks without their conscious knowledge. Almost everyone is familiar with the “you’re becoming relaxed and sleepy” trope, but there’s much more to hypnotherapy than mere gimmicks. With professional hypnosis, it’s possible to gain measurable benefits in several areas of mental and physical wellbeing, and there is even recognized scientific evidence that makes it a popular treatment for a number of conditions.

If you are concerned about your health and are looking for effective treatments that don’t include medication, then hypnosis could be a viable alternative that is worth consideration.

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Improving Mental Performance with the Benefits of Hypnosis

Mental performance relates to several complex factors that can be difficult to understand, and in some cases difficult to measure or identify. While we don’t understand every way in which the mind works, we can at least identify specific treatments that can provide the enhanced mental performance to benefit people in different scenarios.

Hypnosis therapy in Miami is one method that can improve mental performance. It’s safe and without the risk of unwanted side effects. Hypnosis could be ideal if you are looking to enhance mental performance to aid in your career, overcome mental blocks, or even to perform better in athletic competition.

Understanding the ways in which hypnosis improves performance can help you to determine whether it’s right for you.

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