Man receiving antisocial personality disorder psychotherapy

Benefits of CBT for Antisocial Personality Disorder Psychotherapy

Antisocial personality disorder, or ASPD, can create great challenges in one’s relationships, career, and potentially the law. Those with this disorder often struggle to feel guilt or remorse for their actions. What’s important to realize is that most people with antisocial personality disorder do not intend any harm to those around them but don’t have the tools needed to make the right choices that avoid causing harm. CBT, better known as cognitive behavioral therapy, can be life-changing for those diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder.

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A woman sipping a drink

Tips to Take Care of Your Mental Health During the Holidays

While the numerous holiday-themed movies and commercials may have you convinced that everyone is happy during the holidays, this couldn’t be further from the truth. According to a poll by the American Psychiatric Association, 41% of Americans say their level of stress increases during the holidays.

Navigating the holiday season introduces a slew of new challenges, from affording holiday gifts to finding the time to connect with long-distance friends and family. We’ve compiled some of our best holiday mental health resources to help get you through the season. Here are some strategies to stay balanced and joyful during the holidays.

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Chalk drawing on a blackboard of a person’s childhood home with trees and a sun

Guided Age Regression vs. Involuntary Age Regression Treatment

Age regression, voluntary or involuntary, occurs when someone reverts back to a younger age both mentally and behaviorally. Commonly, many associate age regression with entering a childlike state of mind, but age regression doesn’t necessarily mean regressing to childhood.

Whether you age regress a couple decades or only a couple years, it is still age regression. Many children will experience temporary forms of regression, and it is usually normal. However, in adults, age regression is often employed as a coping mechanism in response to stress and trauma.

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Person wearing a black beanie and green sweater looking thoughtful with lense flare reflection

Exploring Childhood Trauma Therapy for Adults

Children absorb what they learn, what they experience, and what they observe like sponges, whether they know it or not. Children take in everything from the world around them–the good and the bad. This can include childhood trauma, whether from physical or psychological abuse, accidents or injuries, divorce or big life changes, or even seemingly mundane events in their lives that would later have a larger impact.

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