Families Learn Coping Skills for Substance Abuse

Do Family Interventions Work?

Watching someone you love try to face their mental health concerns can understandably be challenging. When those issues start interfering with that person’s life, and impacting the family relationships as a result, many turn to family therapy interventions. Family therapy can also help couples with marital or financial issues. Some families choose therapy when learning how to provide support for someone with a mental illness, or when parents and children are in conflict.

Seeking professional therapy from a licensed practitioner is a key first step toward recovery and healing. Depending on the modality or family therapy theories chosen, the family can work together during counseling and at home towards living life with open communication and family support. 

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Psychology Symptoms of OCD

Exploring & Understanding the Psychology of OCD

Imagine this: your daily thoughts and actions become immersed in uninvited scenarios that build psychological distress to the point that an outlet must be created, like the film Groundhog Day repeating the same narratives about a certain stressor day in and day out. The reason we refer to the film is that in that story, the protagonist is living the same day over, and over, and over, with very little variation. For someone with an obsessive compulsive disorder, their days may be shaped similarly: their daily actions and activities revolve around a particular cycle of consistent, intrusive thoughts.  

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