4 Creative CBT Tools & Exercises for Anxiety

Life with anxiety can be overwhelming. When the anxiety hits, sometimes the best thing you can do is find a way to hit the metaphorical “pause” button – pause, reflect, and take a breath before reacting to the internal or external triggers. Just taking deep breaths is a common CBT technique that helps reframe one’s reactions to stressors. Another creative tool to have in your back pocket is to try one of these CBT exercises perfect for anxiety.

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Questions About Bipolar Disorder & Hypnotherapy

When you or someone you love is diagnosed with bipolar disorder, questions about the symptoms and treatment options are natural. The emotional ups and downs can be confusing for everyone, and finding a balance can be challenging. The good news is traditional therapy treatments and hypnosis can help with bipolar disorder.

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3 Things Hypnosis Cannot Do (But Therapy Can)

When hypnosis is led by a licensed mental health practitioner and integrated with other therapy methods and a treatment plan, hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool used to your benefit. Whether you’re struggling with a mild case of situation-specific anxiety or you have a decades-long habit of overeating, hypnotherapy can make a lasting and positive impact. Read on to learn some common hypnosis misconceptions, 3 things hypnosis cannot do, and what hypnotherapy can help with.

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Benefits of Journaling & Psychotherapy for Borderline Personality Disorder

Journaling has been a widespread practice for hundreds of years. Anne Frank’s journal gives us a glimpse of history. Mark Twain kept a journal so he could remember story ideas. Even Leonardo da Vinci kept a diary detailing his inventions and ideas.

Journaling can be a valuable asset as part of your psychotherapy for borderline personality disorder. Consider it a tool you can use on your own or with your therapist to gain a new understanding of yourself.

In this article, we’ll explore six benefits as well as several borderline personality disorder journal prompts to consider in deepening your mental health journey.

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