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5 Tips for Creating Good Life Habits

Creating Healthy Habits

If you examine your daily habits, it’s probably obvious that you have some good ones and some bad ones. These habits develop through repetition and personal reinforcement, so changing any of them requires the same repetition to make them stick. While it’s good that you have healthy habits, there are probably a few that you want to change or add to your life to develop a healthy lifestyle routine. Ready to learn about creating good habits and clearing the not-so-good? Read on today for top tips and advice from the experts at Miami Hypnosis & Therapy.

Identifying Your Current Habits

The first step for creating healthy habits is identifying the ones you already have. You might want to keep a journal that tracks and monitors behavior that you’re proud of as well as behavior you might want to change. Tracking will help you understand why these patterns developed and help you spot deeper issues.

Many people want to exercise or sleep more, but they’re convinced they don’t have enough time. If you spend some time tracking your daily activity, it could help you identify places where your time is being sucked — perhaps on social media or other distractions? Do you want to stop biting your nails? Figuring out when exactly you do it could point to triggers that you can avoid.

Setting Goals for Creating Good Habits

A healthy lifestyle routine doesn’t just happen; you have to work at it like everything else. Set yourself some basic goals to help you slowly transform the habits you want to change. Your goals should be specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time sensitive. If they don’t meet all these criteria, you might lose motivation or feel overwhelmed trying to keep your goals.

Your goal might be to lose weight. How much weight do you want to lose? How do you plan to accomplish that? Perhaps set yourself a small goal — like losing five pounds — and then focus on how you’re going to develop good habits to make it happen. Maybe you swap out your daily sugary snack for fruit. Perhaps you add a 30 minute walk into your morning routine. Keep track of everything as you plan it out to help ensure you’re staying on track.

Creating a Strategy

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After establishing which habit you want to change or add to your daily routine, you’ll need a plan to help you find all the resources and motivation you need to meet your goals. From free classes in your area to fitness groups and support meetings, do some research to stock up on the tools and people you want to help you make it happen.

Building Your Cheer Team

Once you’ve started involving others in reaching your goals, you suddenly also have the benefit of creating a support team to cheer you on when you accomplish a goal, keep you going when you’re feeling overwhelmed, and keep you accountable throughout every up and down. Creating good habits doesn’t have to happen alone. Whether you go to a therapist or to regular meetups with your workout group, there’s no reason to go solo.

Keeping Yourself Accountable

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You’ve started creating good habits, but every now and again, you let yourself slide or give yourself a free pass. We understand! Creating change in your life takes time. While sometimes you need a break, habits are dependant on repetition. Get right back up, and try again.

Keep yourself accountable by reporting obstacles and backsliding to your support system, or discussing why they might be happening with a CBT counselor. Perhaps you’ve overcome the initial reason behind your bad habit, but something new has developed that you have to face.

Miami Hypnosis & Therapy Can Help

At Miami Hypnosis & Therapy, we’re all about creating good habits for healthy lifestyle routines that work for you. We offer life coaching, therapy for depression, anxiety, help with eating disorders, and even in improving athletic performance. We offer a number of flexible therapy options that put your needs first. Reach out to us today and discover how we can tailor a treatment plan specifically for you.

Anna Marchenko

Anna Marchenko, LMHC, M.A., Ed.M. is the principal therapist at Miami Hypnosis and Therapy. She holds a bachelor's degree from NYU and dual masters degrees from Columbia University. Marchenko’s hypnosis certification is from the only hypnosis program in Florida that has been certified by the state’s Board of Education. She helps her clients by utilizing an integrative approach to psychotherapy, tailored to each individual’s mental health journey, drawing from hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, NLP therapy, EMDR, and more.

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